Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

I know it's been some time since I've posted. We've been sick for a couple of weekends in a row.

The girls like to take their toys to the kitchen table so we always seem to have toys all over the table. That can make it a little hard to get the table set, but it's fun to see the creations they come up with.

A few weeks ago my parents came out and Gwen helped Pop-pop clean the corn. I have to share those pics cause they are so cute.

I had to share this odd pic. We were going in to the local grocery store and an amish vehicle came in that you just have to see. Imagine that running around the local roads...ugh!!! (Sorry about the quality)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Start of a New School Year

Ailish started Pre-K school on August 31st. Her first day went without a tear. She picked out the outfit she wanted to wear from some of the new dresses we bought her over the weekend. She said that they read a book about a mouse getting covered in sauce, sang "Mary had a Little Lamb" and talked to her friend Ariana. She excitedly told me that her name was on a blue teddy bear. (Her bookbag hook has her name over it.)

Today, Grammy got her ready for school. She looked so cute with her hair in a pretty white scrunci and a "Sharpay" dress. She had another good day at school. She said they read a book on trains and sang again.

I like picking her up from school. The time in the car with her alone allows us to talk about the day before she gets into something more exciting at home to occupy her time.