Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flowers Are Blooming

Okay, so the girls are at Nanna and PopPop's house this week. It's so quiet here and the house seems so empty. So, I took a trip outside to take pictures of the flowers. The blue butterfly pig planter is Ailish's creation and the pink butterfly pig planter is Gwen's creation. See if you can spot the Mother's Day flowers amongst these pics!

The girls went to Chuckie Cheese and had a great time.
(Pics from Nanna's MySpace page)

They're making play dough and rolling marbles in paint. Looks like they're enjoying all the fruit that Nanna and PopPop have at their house too.
(Pics from Nanna's MySpace page)

We're so glad they're having a good time!!! We miss them so much!!!
WE LOVE YOU Ailish and Gwen!!!

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  1. Wow! I have some catching up to do here! I can spot the Mother's Day flowers, but I cheated! Mom pointed them out to me the other day when I stopped in to use your bathroom, while our water was off! Whew! Thank goodness you live so close! tee hee!