Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Nooo! There's a hole!!!

I thought I'd share the fabulous pics of our new house 'hole'. From my understanding there was quite a puddle of water hanging out in our ceiling so when they opened it up it poured out of there. We got a picture halfway through the job when they had to go get another part when they dropped the one into our wall and couldn't get it back. LOL! The second pic is the finished plumbing. Next comes the lovely attempt to hide a big white tube next to our front door. *sigh*

On a nicer note, I love this recent pic of Gwen catching a nap. (Note: she IS sleeping on top of her 'pets'.)

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  1. Don't feel bad! We just had to duct tape ONE MORE THING last night! (a light switch cover had to be removed and duct taped so we don't stick our fingers in and get shocked!) I think we need to buy a giant roll and just wrap it around the whole house! Tee hee! Just the joys of living in an old, old house in this old, old town!