Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Great food, great family, and great memories were made at our picnic on Memorial Day weekend! Of course, the pool was in full use while we were there and it was a hot day for a good swim. Ailish went in to the pool and swam with Daddy for a while! Nothing was more surprising than Ailish being able to walk across the shallow end of the pool. Don't believe me? Here's the pic...

Gwen got a pedicure the day before and we painted her nails for the first time. She is so proud of her "blueberry" toenails! She went in the pool, the next day, for just about half a minute and decided that the water was just too cold for her, so she spent the rest of her time playing in the fountain. She'd take the water out and hydrate the ants that had the misfortune of being in her line of sight. Though Gwen didn't swim she got plenty wet and collected the toys that were supposed to be in the pool.

Oh, and I promised that this pic would be put up for the world to see...if you want it down, you'll have to pay...


  1. Oh you got such great pictures! I need to put some of mine up too! I'm still amazed that Ailish can walk in the shallow end, I'm glad you got a picture of that.

    I love the last pic, that's our CHRIS! tee hee!

  2. Oh what a great day for you all, I can hardly believe Ailish is tall enough to walk across the shallow end. They are both growing so fast. see ya soon