Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Surprise

Ailish came home today with a gift for me that she just couldn't wait to share. It was bagged and stapled shut. She wanted to open it as soon as she got home, but Grammy convinced her to wait. When I got home, she danced to the door to tell me she had something for me and I have to open it now. Awww, my first Mother's Day gift from her. She helped me pull out the flower and told me to smell it and that we have to water it. When I asked her if she made it for me she said "I don't know." (Her favorite answer to anything we ask about when it comes to school... What did teacher read today? "I don't know." Did you play with blocks? "I don't know." What is your friend's name? "I don't know.") Anyway, I just had to take a picture and brag a little.

1 comment:

  1. Oh goody! I was hoping you would show a picture of what it was in that bag! She guarded that bag so proudly today! You should have seen her carrying it, and she showed it to me first thing and told me it was for mommy! Then when she climbed in the car I asked her if she wanted to hold it, you bet she did!

    I snuck a few peeks in the rearview mirror at her and she just kept looking at it, she was so proud of it! How cute is that? ADORABLE!