Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Update

There isn't much to say these past couple of weeks have been pretty unremarkable. But just so y'all don't think I'm slacking, I took a couple of pics to share of the girls.

Gwen surprises us with her vocabulary. Though sometimes her meaning can be confusing. If you are around her for dinner, she will ask for "hoppy" after she has cleaned her plate. That actually means she wants some chocolate for dessert. Too cute. Oh, and yes, she IS wearing two pair of shorts at the same time in the one pic. The other picture is a self portrait. She took it with my camera, her finger is over the flash. (She has a black eye from last weekend when she launched herself off of the chair and into a table.)

Ailish is on the quest to look like Sharpay from High School Musical. So when we are picking up clothes, she likes the ones that look like her dolly. The good news is that she is wearing dresses. That wasn't a priority before. Yay!

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