Friday, August 7, 2009


Sometimes the most fun comes from the simplest things. Forget the toys and the tv, get the kids a box! They climb in and out, play hide and seek (hmmm, wonder where they could be hiding???), drag every stuffed animal in with them, and have a great time just dragging the box around the house.

Bathtime for the kids can also be fun. By the time we are done, not just the kids are soaked. Of course, I edited since this is the internet. So, instead I put up pics of the soap the kids like to use. This one smells like strawberries! YUM! Gwen has a good time by-passing the roller and just shakes all the goo out. There looks like a horrible accident has occurred. By the time we're done the tub water is actually PINK! Haha!


  1. They are so much fun!!! I love them!!!

  2. Hmmmmmm, someone else I know and love used to love playing this way (I had to change how I said this, because I know my brother would have been thinking something NAUGHTY!!!) In fact, I'm really limited to what I can say here, so I'll just say, this looks awfully familiar! tee hee!