Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Fishy Post

We managed to pick up three fish at the fair. Uncle Jake was able to land a ball in the little jar of water and met up with someone who didn't want their two, so we came home with happy little girls who love their three fishies! Gwen named hers "Puppy" and Ailish named hers "Cheesy Poof" and "Sour Cream". (Ailish loves whipped cream. We can't convince her that it's not named sour cream.) Sadly, Cheesy Poof, didn't last very long and had to take the long swim down a short pipe. But the other two are still swimming strong. I just couldn't resist taking a picture of them!


  1. Poor, poor Cheesy Pouf! Well, he's swimming in a much bigger place now! tee hee! I love the names they picked! Although I'm surprised by Gwen choosing "Puppy". I thought she'd choose "Kitty"! Can you tell them apart? How do you know it was Cheesy Pouf that expired? (I know, always a wise guy in the crowd, but I couldn't resist it!)

  2. Sadly, Puppy the fish has passed on too. I woke up to a floater in the pond!!! We are left with Sour Cream...